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As simple as possible, but not simpler.


Xtm is a software environment used to control embedded network nodes (electronic control units). It can also be used to display and modify the inner states of that network nodes. Moreover it's possible to visualize the communication of embedded network nodes, to analyze it and, if required, to replace missing network nodes by simulation its network behaviour. You can also use Xtm in order to influence and complete the network traffic.

The supported networks for the moment are CAN, LIN, Ethernet (only UDP) and FlexRay. The serial interface of the PC and the K-line (with the corresponding adapter for the LAPcan card) can also be used for the communication with an external ECU.

In parallel to measurement or general network communictation, the recording and replay of video streams is possible. Video streams and measurement data can be time-synchronized.

Xtm has a modular design: The implementation of the hardware interfaces and for example, for the communication protocols are on the lowest layer. The interfaces are set up and parameterized, but not visible while normal operation of Xtm. Only the results (data and signals) generated by the interfaces, are visible.

Xtm is a result of the cooperarion with EK Tronic, Kornwestheim. Several custom projects based on Xtm have been realized.


  • Display of CAN/LIN/FlexRay messages
  • Support for ASAP2 files and measurement with CCP/XCP
  • Recording and replay of video streams
  • Powerful script language
  • Graphical presentation of analog signals
  • Decoding and generation of CAN/LIN messages based on DBC and LDF description files.
  • Send window for CAN/LIN messages
  • Trigger objects
  • Panel window for control of script programs and visualization of signals
  • Easy to use
  • High performance, very good realtime characteristics


Please click to the small screenshots in order to see it in fullsize.

CAN Send Window

CAN Trace Window

Graphic/Oscilloscope Window

Panel Window


The current demo version 3.8 (Nov 21 2014) is available here. The demo version only supports the virtual (simulated) CAN interfaces.